Playing with the effect of reflect with fire.

Small body big heart

IMG_2872 copy.jpgThis little one i saw while i was editing pictures.

Sky Beauty

These are new things styles I’m trying to see if they are good.

Scaly Fun

These are lizards thats i see all the time and when I don’t se them the dogs do and they start to go crazy.

Sneaking Around

IMG_9551IMG_9557Saw this little beauty while I was heading out the door.

Sun Fun

Lily was playing in the sun with milo but when she was not chasing him she was seeing what she could uncover in the sand.

One eye Beauty

This is Circe. He was the unique one becasue he’s the only one that has one eye. if you want know more follow this link Ojai Raptor Center.

Gray Beauty

This is Miki.  I loved how he was the most gray out of all the birds I saw. If you want to know more follow this link Ojai Raptor Center.

Midnight Beauty

I was playing with a lit candle to see what type of shadow effects I can do with the flowers. Tell me what you think about it.

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