Milo’s Day off

IMG_1550 copyIMG_1526 copyIMG_1534 copyIMG_1544 copyIMG_1538 copyThis is what he does when he is not hanging out with all his pals he meets at the Ojai and L.A. Doxies meet ups.


This explores how nature can go beyond where humans can’t by the art of flight.IMG_1597 copy.jpg


IMG_1585 copy


Lily’s Adventures

IMG_1471 copyAs she was sitting there thinking about her day she couldn’t help but notice that her brother was playing in the water. IMG_1515 copySo she went down there to check on him to make sure he wouldn’t drown. So when he saw her he started to come back.IMG_1509 copySo when he got on shore he shook off the cold water.

IMG_1432 copySo she Headed back to sit on the log to watch her brother and sisters play while looking onto the beyond.

Blossoming Beauties

IMG_0907 copy copy.jpgThis gives you varity of different colors and how they fuse together with each flower giving you a uniqueness of different shapes and sizes.

The rhythm of water

IMG_2158 copy.jpg

The rhythm of water is where we explore the uniqueness of how the water dances, glide and how is can get in to the cracks and crevasses where we can’t go.


Rufes Day off