White Beauty

This is Tito. I really loved how his brownish color wrapped around his head. If you want to know more about Ojai Raptor Center follow this link.

Forces of Water

Water is a force to be reckoned with, and this series shows how it naturally moves around any object it faces.

Bright Yellow Eyes

This owl is named Pixie. She also lives at the Ojai Raptor Center. She captured my  attention because of the big yellow eyes. If you want to learn more follow this link Ojai Raptor Center.

Eccentric Eyes

This is Lucy. I meet her when I visited the Ojai Raptor Center. To learn more click here.

Milo’s Day off

IMG_1550 copyIMG_1526 copyIMG_1534 copyIMG_1544 copyIMG_1538 copyThis is what he does when he is not hanging out with all his pals he meets at the Ojai and L.A. Doxies meet ups.


This explores how nature can go beyond where humans can’t by the art of flight.IMG_1597 copy.jpg


IMG_1585 copy


Lily’s Adventures

IMG_1471 copyAs she was sitting there thinking about her day she couldn’t help but notice that her brother was playing in the water. IMG_1515 copySo she went down there to check on him to make sure he wouldn’t drown. So when he saw her he started to come back.IMG_1509 copySo when he got on shore he shook off the cold water.

IMG_1432 copySo she Headed back to sit on the log to watch her brother and sisters play while looking onto the beyond.

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