SunSet Baby Seal

Near the end of the second time I visited the beach I started to walk along the coast and I came up on a what looked to be a seal who has passed a way but when I

stared to head back to my surprise the seal was up and looking good just enjoying the nice sun set and so i named him sunset seal.

SunSet Bird

I was walking on the beach and near the end of the day I saw a bird starting to take flight towards the sunset.


Here are some more


Here are some recent pictures I took with the HDR effect I thought they turned out good, So tell me what y’all think.



Here are the last few.


Here are some more so tell me what you think.

California Life


These are a few images I capture while I walking on the beach the past Sunday.

Sky Beauty

These are new things styles I’m trying to see if they are good.

Sun Fun

Lily was playing in the sun with milo but when she was not chasing him she was seeing what she could uncover in the sand.

Black Beauty

Saw these birds while I was walking on the beach this week.

Forces of Water

Water is a force to be reckoned with, and this series shows how it naturally moves around any object it faces.

Milo’s Day off

IMG_1550 copyIMG_1526 copyIMG_1534 copyIMG_1544 copyIMG_1538 copyThis is what he does when he is not hanging out with all his pals he meets at the Ojai and L.A. Doxies meet ups.

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